Health Camp ’17

December 17, 2017 marked the first annual health camp of Aboli Foundation. With the support of two paediatricians and one dentist, and many volunteers, 87 students from three ZP schools received a health checkup.

The health camp, in accordance with the second line of our mission statement (“implementing healthcare services within the school district”), is part of our Health & Personal Hygiene campaign. In July 2017, Aboli Foundation had bought and donated undergarments, towels and other essentials for students at Temki Paada. Donating this essentials will be an annual occurrence.

Our goal in organising this health camp was to give students in ZP school access to quality health services. The government of India is responsible for ensuring regular checkups. However, with the sheer number of ZP schools and students studying in them, it is not possible to give everyone the time they truly need. Thus, we supplemented the government’s efforts by contacting some doctors who were willing to give a hand.

The cost of medicines and transportation was covered by donations from our supporters. Also, a shout out to all the doctors and volunteers who gave up their Sunday time to help out for this initiative.