Temki Paada: July ’17

The Aboli Foundation team returned to Mahim, India for a week-long program to carry out at the Temki Paada school.

Personal Hygiene Campaign

With the support of individual donors, Aboli Foundation bought and donated undergarments, towels and handkerchiefs to the twenty-two students at Temki Paada. This was in accordance with the second and third line of our vision statement, “implementing healthcare services within the school district” and “improving the health education within the district schools”. The students were educated about the importance of personal hygiene and how the items donated were meant to be used. The teacher at Temki Paada, Poonam Churi, informed us that the students’ parents greatly appreciated this donation.  The children began using the supplies the very next day, with many bringing their handkerchiefs to class.

Distribution with Sitel

Aboli Foundation was invited to support outsourcing company Sitel and the NGO, Indian Development Foundation (IDF) in distributing school bags (each containing notebooks, a pencil case, writing tools and a geometry set) to ZP schools in the Palghar area. The distribution was done with the support of the Indian Development Foundation (IDF). Sitel’s goal was to donate these supplies to 14,000 children in ZP schools in Maharashtra.

Yoga Sessions

Every morning, Yoga sessions would be held at Temki Paada for thirty minutes. This allowed the students to drain their energy and become more focused on their studies.

English Read-Aloud

In December ‘16, Aboli Foundation donated picture books to Temki Paada. During this week, two-three books were read aloud to the children every morning, with an occasional Marathi translation from an Aboli volunteer. This activity was primarily done to instil a love for reading as well as make them more familiar with the language. Discussion questions would be asked at the end of the story to check the students’ understanding of the text.

Games and Physical Activities

It is important for children to be active. Thus, Aboli Foundation organised some outdoor games to play such as “Cat and Mouse”, “Langdi”, and “London Bridge”.

Arts and Crafts

Aboli Foundation donated art supplies including pens, crayons, colour pencils and rubber bands (for loom crafts). The students were encouraged to draw to foster creativity in the classroom. They were also taught how to make rubber band crafts. At the end of the week, the students surprised us by slipping bracelets onto our wrists.

Guest Speaker: Engineer

An engineer from the Palghar district was invited to speak about his experiences in school and his job. The purpose of this was to show the students that going to school and educating themselves opens doors to opportunities in the future. We also wanted to encourage them to believe that they have the potential to achieve anything they dream of.


With the sponsorship of Sheetal Constructions, Palghar, washbasins are being built at Temki Paada.