Our Vision

Aboli Foundation aims to improve the level of education and well-being of students in government- run primary schools in Maharashtra by;

  • improving access to quality resources for students and teachers
  • implementing healthcare services within the school district
  • improving the health education within the district schools
  • making sure that the school has maintained the integrity of the buildings
  • hosting entertainment and enrichment programs at the schools

How We Do It

Currently, we are a local organization working to improve our community through lower-scaled initiatives. We have only worked in the Maharashtra state thus far, and we have carried out two campaigns at the Temki Paada school.

Our campaigns at Temki Paada have involved interacting with the children, teaching them yoga and the English language, playing community-building and skill-based games with them, and hosting guest speakers to teach them about different issues.

Besides this, we have also made it a priority to better equip the school to teach the children. We have done this by donating resources like books, posters and hygiene products. We are also currently building a new wash basin for children to wash their hands with more ease. Lastly, we have also invested in repainting the school and adding storage shelves where students can keep their bags and books.

Below is a documentary co-founder Saniya made during our first campaign in Temki Paada, in December 2016.

Our Team

Saloni More

Junior and aspiring doctor at KIS International School, an IB school in Bangkok, Thailand. She has always been interested in helping schools in her hometown of Mahim, thus co-founding Aboli Foundation.

Saniya More

Co-founder of Aboli Foundation and a junior at Syracuse University in New York, where she is majoring in broadcast & digital journalism and international relations.

Shubhada More, M.Sc., M.Ed.

Currently a freelance Yoga teacher in Bangkok. She is the backbone and principle advisor of Aboli Foundation.


Currently a freelance technical writer. She is a principle advisor of Aboli Foundation.

AMEY RAUT, M.B.A., M.Sc., B.E.

Entrepreneur and founder of  “The Giving Back To School Kids Foundation”. He is the overall advisor for the Aboli Foundation.

Poonam Churi

Teacher by profession, she is the academic advisor for Aboli Foundation. She currently lives in Kelwa Mahim and teaches at the Temki Paada school.

Aaditya Patil

Ninth grader at NES IB World School and a volunteer with Aboli Foundation.

Temki Paada

Temki Paada is a small ZP government-funded school located in Mahim, Palghar district (in the Maharashtra state). 22 students from grades 1-4 make up its small classes. Most of the children’s parents are fishermen, laborers, or farmers.


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We began our work with the school in December 2016. We decided to start our first Aboli campaign there because while growing up, we would often see the school on our summer trips to India. We asked our grandmother, who was a teacher in the secondary government school in the village, about the school. She told us that the school was new but didn’t have many resources.

Thus, we decided to begin our work here. Read more about the campaigns Aboli Foundation has done at Temki Paada.



Read about our ongoing campaigns and experiences.

Donate Today

Make a difference today.

As we are still in the process of registering the foundation, Aboli does not have its own bank account yet. For contributions and donations please write to us at ngoaboli@gmail.com.

We are accepting donations for the following projects:

  • “Happy Birthday Fund” for the students
  • Toilets with Water
  • Clean Drinking Water for Students
  • Playground Equipment for the Students
  • Health Fund

Contact Us

Contact us here with questions, concerns, possible campaign ideas or any other issue you would like to discuss with us. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.